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  • Spencer Mallett

Afghanistan AOG - Boeing Osprey Case Study

After 20 years in Afghanistan, the US military has pulled out and current attempts are being made to aid those allies in the country that need to get out. We have been reflecting on the war in Afghanistan the last few weeks, and think it is important to share how even small action, under a united front, can produce significant impact.

Some years ago, one of our customers reached out to us to urgently provide a part for an AOG Osprey in Afghanistan. This part was absolutely critical and we had to consider how to quickly and efficiently get the part out, even with OSP (heat treat and zinc plating). We launched into action, getting the part through machining and flowing down the urgency to our vendors.

The part was heat treated overnight, machined, sent for zinc plating, and carried on board a commercial flight in someone's lap to arrive to our Southern Cali customer within 3 weeks.

We can't know the impact this rush had on troops there for sure, but we do know how important it is to support those risking their lives. As defense industry machine shops, we can make a real world difference to individuals and families. Let's continue to donate to veteran's organizations as troops come home, and support our military.

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