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  • Spencer Mallett

Picking Up The Slack: A case study on getting a customer out from between a rock and a hard place

Picture this - one of your bedrock suppliers suddenly closes its doors and you still have parts on order with them. You need parts in 4 weeks and need to completely start from scratch.

This was the situation for our customer when Warmelin Precision closed. We had manufactured the part they needed expedited before, so we amped up our production in order to shorten the lead time from the usual 12 weeks, to 4.

One way we were able to do this efficiently was our CNC with live tooling. This allowed for much faster turnaround times and fewer operations. We prioritized this order and freed up those machines, without compromising other orders.

To prevent bottlenecking at inspection and shipping, we staggered our batches. As soon as a batch was ready to be inspected, it was taken over first thing. As soon as it was completed, we'd send it over to shipping to get it out as soon as possible. This also ensured that our quality did not falter, 100% of the parts were accepted.

Our customer was grateful for our help and had this to say:

"Arcas Machine has gone above and beyond to help us meet a delivery to our customers. Their understanding and willingness to work through challenges with us has always been admired. They will make you feel like you're their only customer and they will always work to exceed your expectations."

We want to be there for our customers when they most need us, and this is one of those victories we couldn't be happier to have been a part of.

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