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How we've used advanced technology to elevate our shop's operations

Manufacturing is one of those industries that is always evolving and with quality being top of mind for us, we like to stay ahead of the curve with technologies. The short clip below demonstrates 2 of those innovations, our Keyence and one of two of our Okuma CNC Lathes.

Since we gurantee part quality, we have invested in a Keyence Optical Comparator which helps us more quickly inspect our parts by use of light. Parts that have taken us two minutes per part can be inspected in as little as 5 seconds, and 10 at a time. Not only has this help us to continually achieve our 99.999% quality goal, but it has shortened our lead time to customers.

In the video, you can see one of our machinists operating our Okuma LB3000EX II Space Turn. Okumas are among the best CNCs for quality control and we are proud to have a shop full of them! This machine uses live tooling which has allowed us to perform multiple operations in one run, again shortening lead time. One part we manufacture has 2 operations on a mill and 2 on a lathe but with this machine, we are able to do all operations under one hood!

These are some simpler shop improvements, but ones that have had a tremendous impact on the way we do business. In turn, it has raised our customers' expectations which has resulted in our continued dedication towards innovation that aids the business. In the near future, we will be purchasing another multi-axis machine and a swiss machine in order for us to be able to make even more complex parts. We are already capable of micro precision machining, but these machines would enable larger-scale operations!

Are there any machines you think would assist us better? Let us know below!

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