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Precision Measurement for Dummies

Adam Savage, of Mythbusters fame, made a "Precision Measurement for Dummies"-type video that was super informative! He highlights the importance of not just having precise tools, but the right ones for a given application. In aerospace, we have incredibly tight tolerances so we consider this every day. Plus, you get to watch him refurbish a beautiful old set of calipers!

However, there are some modern day, more advanced solutions that we can use now. This is why a CMM or an Optical Comparator can be great for precision machine shops like ours! Instead of having a large volume of different tools to measure different aspects of a part, we're able to shorten lead time as well as provide more accurate measurements.

Adam is always fun to watch, so though it's a long video he really gives some great education and information as he goes. His channel is worth a parooze if you're interested in his other builds or Mythbusters QA content!

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