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  • Denny Arcas

We've partnered with ASU for a LEAN Six Sigma project!

Being an Arizona State University alumn (class of 2008, in case you're wondering), it's exciting to announce that we've partnered with them to bring on a new trainee! Our trainee will be making process improvements by implementing LEAN Six Sigma practices throughout our shop- with the ultimate goal of reducing our lead time by 2 weeks.

LEAN Six Sigma focuses on both the waste elimination and customer satisfaction motives to process improvement. Not only do I want to make the lives of our buyers easier by offering reduced lead times so they can meet their goals, but I find environmental sustainability to be one of the most pressing issues in manufacturing. This program is helping us to educate ourselves and implement both.

We are always seeking continuous improvement of our manufacturing process, so he will be going department by department to work with our employees and suggest positive changes as he sees fit. We're looking forward to learning more about what we could be doing better to best serve our customers and how to create better, more productive solutions in the future!

One of our quality employees is being trained in this process to become certified, and we can't wait to see the domino effect this brings to our operations.

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